Experimental Methods in the Social Sciences


  • Anne Cizmar, Eastern Kentucky University

Experiments in the social sciences are increasingly common. Under ideal conditions, they allow for detecting causality by simpler statistical tests. Experiments take several forms, ranging from lab experiments to survey experiments and large-scale field experiments. In this course, we will begin by reviewing the idea of causality by comparing observational and experimental designs. Then we will move into different types of experiments and their statistical analyses. We will utilize published works but participants are encouraged to bring their own projects to the workshop as well.

Prerequisites: The course assumes no prior experience with running or analyzing experiments; familiarity with OLS regression would be a plus.​​

Fee: Members = $1700; Non-members = $3200

Tags: Experiments, methodology

Course Sections

Section 1

Location: ICPSR -- Ann Arbor, MI

Date(s): June 17 - June 21

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


  • Anne Cizmar, Eastern Kentucky University