Introduction to Crowdsourcing and MTurk (Houston, TX)


Researchers are increasingly turning to low-cost crowdsourcing platforms, like Mechanical Turk (MTurk), for data collection. However, many remain skeptical about the quality of crowdsourced data. In this course, we will start by covering in detail how to set up a "HIT" on MTurk and link it to Qualtrics survey software. We will also discuss how to determine pay rates and common mistakes in launching a HIT. Next, we’ll turn to the pros and cons of crowdsourcing, covering topics such as the demographics of workers, the generalizability of results, and worker attention, suspicion, and cross-talk. Along the way, we will design and field our own brief survey as an example.

Prerequisites: None

Software: Access to Qualtrics software is recommended, but not necessary.

Fee: Members = $1400; Non-members = $2600

Tags: crowdsourcing, MTurk, surveys, data collection

Course Sections