Data Curation for Disability and Rehabilitation Outcomes Research


What is data curation? This two-day workshop is for any individual interested or actively engaged in preparing research data for sharing and reuse among those involved in rehabilitation and disability outcomes research. Data curation includes the steps taken to ensure that research data can be used by secondary users long into the future. Increasingly, Federal agencies are asking researchers and projects they fund to ensure the data produced are accessible to others. This workshop will provide practical training for how best to accomplish this goal.

Workshop participants will learn how to plan, review, clean, document, and disseminate data collections, including quantitative data and data containing disclosure risks. Emphasis will be placed on hands-on exercises demonstrating curation practices as well as discussion with others in the workshop. Workshop participants can expect to leave with knowledge and experience of how to plan, assess, improve, and disseminate data for long-term preservation and access.

Please note that participants are strongly encouraged to provide their own personal notebook computer. Tablets are not suitable.

Application: Admission to this workshop is competitive. Enrollment is limited to 25 participants. Apply using the Summer Program Portal (by clicking on the "Registration" tab at the top of this page) to provide your information and select the course. Also, upload the following documents via the registration Portal:

  • Current curriculum vita
  • Cover letter discussing your motivations for attending the workshop, career background or work experience, and the statistical package(s) that you are familiar with (SPSS, SAS, Stata, R, etc.).

Stipends: Admitted workshop participants may be considered for one of a limited number of stipends to help with travel and housing costs. To be considered for one of these awards, applicants must specify in their application cover letter that they would like to be considered for one of the stipends and address how the workshop will advance their career or professional goals and/or data management skillset.

Sponsor: Archive of Data on Disability to Enable Policy and research (ADDEP)

Fee: There is no tuition fee for the course.

Deadline: Deadline for application is May 1, 2017.

Tags: ADDEP, rehabilitation sciences, disability sciences, curation, research data management, data sharing, data archiving

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