Process Tracing in Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research


  • Derek Beach, Aarhus Universitet

This course will provide participants with a good understanding of the core elements of process-tracing as a distinct social science case study method, while assessing its relative strengths and limitations and how it can be combined productively with other methods in multi-method designs.

The course develops the two core elements of process-tracing, focusing first on the theory-side by assessing what we are actually 'tracing' using process-tracing methods, causal mechanisms, and second, how we are able to make evidence-based causal inferences using within-case, 'mechanistic' evidence. The final session deals with how process-tracing can be combined with other case-based designs like small-n comparative methods.

Prerequisites: Participants should have encountered the basics of qualitative, case study research methods (e.g. King, Keohane and Verba's Designing Social Inquiry (1994) is a good starting point).

Fee: Members = $1500; Non-members = $2800

Tags: qualitative, mixed methods, process tracing

Course Sections

Section 1

Location: ICPSR -- Ann Arbor, MI

Date(s): June 12 - June 14

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


  • Derek Beach, Aarhus Universitet