Multivariate Modeling with Stata and R (Montreal, QC)


This workshop teaches participants how to use the popular software packages Stata and R to conduct theoretically interesting and practically useful analyses of social, economic and political data. Throughout the course, the emphases will be on how to conduct and present sound analyses and strategies for learning new techniques. We begin with a review/crash course in the linear multiple regression model, and then move on to other important multivariate models including binomial logit and probit models, the multinomial logit model and the mixed logit model. The workshop then considers the interpretation of interaction effects in linear and nonlinear models as well as multilevel models that analyze how socio-economic and political contexts influence individual behavior. Time series and pooled time series methods that investigate how factors such as policy interventions and socio-economic conditions affect dynamic outcomes also are considered. Additional topics, such as the analysis of spatial statistical models will be covered, based on student interests and time availability. Assuming only familiarity with introductory statistics, the workshop emphasizes practical approaches to analyzing individual- and aggregate-level social science data. Participants are invited to bring their own data sets to daily lab sessions.

Fee: Members = $1600; Non-members = $3000

Tags: multivariate, choice models, dynamic models, Stata, R

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