Item Response Theory: Methods for the Analysis of Discrete Survey Response Data


  • Kimberly Colvin, State University of New York at Albany

This workshop will be offered in an online video format.

Item Response Theory (IRT) is used in a number of disciplines including sociology, political science, psychology, human development, business, and communications, as well as in education where it began as a method for the analysis of educational tests. More broadly, IRT is useful in the development and analysis of survey measures where item responses are in the form of discrete categories.

This workshop is designed to acquaint participants with the fundamentals of IRT necessary to conduct analyses and evaluate results. Using numerous examples from different disciplines, item response models will be described in an interdisciplinary fashion. Additional topics covered will test and survey development, differential item functioning, and computerized adaptive testing. During the final afternoon of the workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to interact with the instructor while applying IRT methods to their data.

All analyses will be conducted using R. No prior knowledge of R is expected. The workshop will include ample opportunity for participants to become familiar with R and R Studio and conduct many IRT analyses.

Registration Fee: Members = $1,500; Non-members = $3,000

Tags: Item Response Theory, IRT

Course Sections

Section 1

Location: Online -- Video format,

Date(s): July 27 - July 31

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


  • Kimberly Colvin, State University of New York at Albany