Conducting Research on Recidivism and Reentry


This four-day workshop, sponsored by the National Institute of Justice, will focus on analytical techniques used in the measurement of recidivism with the purpose of assessing the strategies used to measure various approaches to reentry. Instructors for the workshop will be individuals who have conducted significant research in this area.

A specific focus of the workshop will be on the data collected from the Multi-Site Evaluation of the Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative, SVORI. This multi-year, multi-site study was designed to examine several reentry programs and offers a unique look at service level need and receipt as well as outcome measures including rearrest and reincarceration. Both the quantitative and qualitative data from the SVORI evaluation will be available for analysis during the workshop. Opportunities for participants to become familiar with, and analyze other, NIJ-sponsored data on recidivism and reentry will be available at the workshop.

Application: All applicants must submit a vita and cover letter describing their background and interest in the subject of the workshop. Supporting materials can be submitted electronically through the Summer Program registration portal on each applicant's Summer Program page.

Deadline: Applications deadline is May 10, 2010

Fee: There will be no tuition fees for accepted participants.

Stipends: A stipend in the amount of $1,250 will be available to qualified course participants to support travel and housing costs. Support is not available to Federal employees.

Tags: recidivism, criminal justice, propensity scores, repeated measures, qualitative data

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