Game Theory


  • John Patty, Emory University

This workshop will be offered in an online video format.

This course introduces students to noncooperative game theory and its application in the social sciences. Topics include dominance, Nash equilibrium, subgame perfect Nash equilibrium, perfect Bayesian equilibrium, coordination games, bargaining games, signaling games, and mechanism design. The course is assessed on the basis of homework assignments and two exams, and includes guidance about both how to develop one's own models and how to write research articles utilizing a formal model.

Fee and Registration: This course is part of the second four-week session. Please see our fee chart on our Registration page for the cost of attending one (or both) four-week session(s). Participants who enroll in a four-week session may take as many courses (workshops and lectures) as desired during the session for which they are enrolled. Participants in the four-week sessions are also welcome to attend all of the lectures and discussions offered in the Blalock Lecture Series.

Tags: game theory, decision theory, cooperative games, strategic decision-making, formal theory, rational choice, non-cooperative games, dynamic games, incomplete information

Course Sections

Section 1

Location: Online -- Video format,

Date(s): July 20 - August 14

Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


  • John Patty, Emory University