Statistics and Data Analysis I: Introduction


  • Niccole Pamphilis, University of Glasgow

This workshop provides a basic introduction to statistics, probability, and data analysis. Topics include data acquisition/management, classification, and summarization; basic probability; exploration of common distribution used in statistics; along with confidence intervals and hypothesis testing.

The format for this workshop consists of daily lectures supplemented by additional sessions in the computing labs. There will be frequent assignments in order to give workshop participants hands-on experience with the methods and techniques covered in the class. Most assignments will involve the use of statistical packages, which will be available for use in computer labs. Workshop participants will be given the opportunity to do their work using the statistical software packages that are most common in their respective academic disciplines, including SPSS, R, and Stata.

The only prerequisite for this course is familiarity with basic algebra. Participants who need a review of basic algebraic concepts are advised to enroll in the ICPSR Summer Program lecture course Mathematics for Social Scientists, I along with this workshop.

Fees: Consult the fee structure.

Tags: introductory statistics, basic probability, introduction to data analysis, sampling methods, descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, statistical inference

Course Sections

Section 1

Location: ICPSR -- Ann Arbor, MI

Date(s): June 24 - July 19

Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM


  • Niccole Pamphilis, University of Glasgow