American Citizen Participation Study, 1990 (ICPSR 6635)

Principal Investigator(s): Verba, Sidney, Harvard University; Lehman Schlozman, Kay, Boston College; Brady, Henry E., University of California-Berkeley; Nie, Norman, University of Chicago


This study was designed to examine political and nonpolitical civic participation in the United States. Respondents were asked to comment on various topics, including their interest in politics and their party identification, voting status, and activity in community politics. In addition, respondents were asked about their campaign activities, including the kind of work they had done, and how much money and time they had contributed to campaigns for various elections. Respondents also provided information about their own personal experiences with government programs, as well as their opinions on national and social problems in the United States and why people in the United States aren't more active in politics. Demographic variables measured in this study include respondent's educational background, occupation, church activity and religious affiliation, race and ethnicity, age, gender, and union membership.


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