Overview of variables

The 160 substantive variables are grouped into thirteen categories:

  1. Voting behavior and related items (V001 to V012)
  2. Political involvement and participation items (V013 to V020)
  3. Media involvement items (V021 to V033)
  4. Candidate image items (V034 to V051)
  5. Presidential approval and government performance items (V052 to V061)
  6. Economic conditions items (V062 to V067)
  7. Ideology items (V068 to V077)
  8. Foreign policy and national security issue items (V078 to V094)
  9. Taxation and budget issue items (V095 to V104)
  10. Economic and social welfare issue items (V105 to V120)
  11. Social and civil rights issue items (V121 to V137)
  12. General political orientation items (V138 to V142)
  13. Demographic items (V143 to V160)