Contributing Articles

Do you know of any articles that would serve as good entry articles for the three exercises profiled on this site? Entry articles should:

  1. Use datasets archived at ICPSR.

  2. Cover accessible social science methodological concepts in a pedagogically useful way.

  3. Should allow entry into an extensive network of authors, articles, and datasets in the Bibliography of Data-related Literature.

We would love to hear from you! Please include a full citation and a stable URL from JSTOR, if possible. Also indicate for which exercise (#1, #2, or #3) the article is best suited and describe what questions students would need to answer while reading the article.

Previously Contributed Articles

Schuman, Howard; Rieger, Cheryl, "Historical Analogies, Generational Effects, and Attitudes Toward War." American Sociological Review. Jun 1992, 57(3), 315 - 326.

Krysan, Maria; Farley, Reynolds, "The residential preferences of blacks: Do they explain persistent segregation?." Social Forces. Mar 2002, 80(3), 937 - 980.

Batalova, Jeanne A.; Cohen, Philip N., "Premarital cohabitation and housework: Couples in cross-national perspective." Journal of Marriage and Family. Aug 2002, 64(3), 743 - 755.