2018 Scholarship Recipients

The ICPSR Summer Program would like to recognize and congratulate the 2018 scholarship awardees!

This year's applicant pool was the largest and most competitive ever. Our applicants included exemplary graduate students and pre-tenure scholars dedicated to the use and development of statistical and mathematical research methods in the fields of developmental psychology, education, electoral behavior, political science, public administration, public policy, quantitative history, and sociology. With more outstanding applicants than we had scholarships to award, our scholarship review committee was faced with an extremely difficult selection process. We would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who submitted an application for an ICPSR Scholarship.

Session scholarship recipients

First Session scholarship recipients

Second Session scholarship recipients

Second Session scholarship recipients

Recipients of the Clifford C. Clogg Scholarship in Sociology

  • Amanda Bunting, University of Kentucky
  • Matthew Farina, University of Texas at Austin
  • Patrick Kaminski, Indiana University
  • Jessica Kim, State University of New York at Stony Brook
  • Gracia Sierra, University of Texas at Austin
  • Kara Snawder, Indiana University
  • Chenghui Zhang, University of Kentucky

Recipients of the Jerome M. Clubb Scholarship

  • Simon Davidsson, Lund University
  • Branden McEuen, Wayne State University

Recipients of the Scholarship for Developmental, Child, and Family Psychology

  • Abigail Barthel, Boston University
  • Grace Binion, University of Oregon
  • Elizabeth Coppola, Purdue University
  • Trenel Francis, New York University
  • Laura Henry, University of California at Berkeley
  • Drew Winters, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Recipients of the Scholarship for Education Research

  • LaTanya Dixon, University of Mississippi
  • Joseph Romero-Reyes, University of Michigan
  • Michael Scott, University of Texas at Austin

Recipient of the Henry "Hank" Heitowit Award

  • Edana Beauvais, McGill University

Recipients of the Scholarship for Political Science Research

  • Kimberlee Chang, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Kai Yue Charm, University of Texas at Austin
  • Tyler Girard, Western University
  • Shengkuo Hu, University of California at Merced
  • David Nield, University of California at Berkeley
  • Keith Preble, State University of New York at Albany
  • Cody Schmidt, University of Iowa
  • Serge Severenchuk, University of North Carolina
  • Donovan Watts, Indiana University

Recipients of the Warren E. Miller Scholarship

  • Aurea Bolanos Perea, California State University at Chico
  • Geneva Cole, University of Chicago
  • Kelly Senters, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Recipient of the Eugene Owen Scholarship for Research on the International Assessment of Student Achievement

  • Jack Simons, Mercy College

Recipients of the Scholarship for Public Administration, Public Policy, and Public Affairs

  • Ayana Best, University of Southern California
  • Leonor Camarena, Arizona State University
  • Breanna Gray, University of Pennsylvania
  • Morgan Higman, Florida State University
  • Chien-shih Huang, Florida State University
  • Nicole McMahon, Western University
  • Periloux Peay, University of Oklahoma
  • Imari Smith, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Paul Sparks, University of Southern California

Recipients of the Diversity Initiative Scholarship

  • Virmary Acosta, City University of New York
  • Cashell Lewis, University of Chicago
  • Aliyah Mcilwain, Michigan State University
  • Sadiyah Malcolm, University of Michigan
  • Cristian Eduardo Martinez-Medina, Michigan State University
  • Frania Mendoza, University of Chicago
  • Megan Mikhail, Michigan State University
  • Lewis Miles, University of Michigan
  • So'Phelia Morrow, University of Michigan
  • Iqra Nasir, University of Michigan
  • Kelly Richardson, University of Florida
  • Danae Ross, University of Michigan
  • Erika Vallejo, Michigan State University
  • Alexandra Vazquez, Michigan State University
  • Chris Webster, Michigan State University

Additionally, the ICPSR Summer Program would like to congratulate the following recipients of scholarships offered by our partnering organizations:

Box-Steffensmeier Award (Society for Political Methodology)

  • Bianca DiGiovanni, University of Chicago
  • Kathryn Overton, University of New Mexico

Garcia Award (Society for Political Methodology)

  • Marco Alcocer, University of California at San Diego
  • Stephen El-Khatib, University of California at Riverside
  • Andres Sandoval, Tulane University

EITM Certification Scholarships (Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models)

  • Brandon Armstrong, University of Florida
  • Gagan Artreya, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
  • Devon Cantwell, University of Utah
  • Frederick Chen, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Matthew Eichinger, University of Minnesota
  • Leonardo Falabella, UC San Diego
  • Haeyong Lim, University of Houston
  • Maricruz Osorio, University of California, Riverside
  • Christian Oswald, Trinity College Dublin
  • Stavros Papadopoulos, University of Connecticut
  • Saleheh (Sally) Sharifmoghaddam, Graduate Center, City University of New York
  • Tiago Ventura, University of Maryland, College Park

Hanes Walton, Jr. Award for Quantitative Methods Training (National Conference of Black Political Scientists)

  • Dawnsha Mushonga, University of Maryland at Baltimore