Living and Banking in Ann Arbor

Individuals With Disabilities

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to contact ICPSR to ensure that appropriate arrangements will be made for building and equipment access. We will make every effort to accommodate you, but more lead time will help us with the planning.

Living Expenses

In Ann Arbor, food costs for an individual who prepares his or her own meals at home will be approximately $100-$150 per week. Grocery prices are lower at the large supermarkets on the edge of town, while grocery prices at the small stores near campus are higher and the selection is less comprehensive. There are many good restaurants in Ann Arbor, varying in both price and cuisine, including a number of cheap eateries adjacent to campus.


Please bring your ATM card and keep in mind that your local bank may not have a branch in Ann Arbor, and that your withdrawals may be subject to fees. It is very difficult to cash personal, out-of-town checks at Ann Arbor banks or with merchants. Many previous Program participants, especially those from overseas, have found it more convenient to bring traveler's checks or bank checks with them to establish local checking accounts for the duration of their stay in Ann Arbor.