FAQ: Summer Program Offerings

Frequently requested information about lectures, 3-5 day workshops, and 4-week offerings:

There are several differences between our 3- to 5-day workshops and the four-week workshops offered in Sessions I and II.

From June through August, we offer over forty distinct 3- to 5-day statistical workshops in Ann Arbor, Michigan and other cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. Most 3- to 5-day statistical workshops meet from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and class size is usually limited to 25 participants. Registration in a 3- to 5-day statistical workshop is on a per-course basis. That is, a participant registered for one 3- to 5-day statistical workshop may not attend another 3- to 5-day workshop, unless she or he registers for that other workshop. For a list of fees and discounts for our 3- to 5-day statistical workshops, check our Registration & Fees page. The Owen Scholarship is the only ICPSR scholarship that can be used to cover the registration fee for a 3- to 5-day workshop.

Each year, the Summer Program also offers several substantive, or sponsored, 3- to 5-day workshops, which are organized by topical archives within ICPSR. Generally, each archive covers the registration fees for their substantive workshop. Participation in a sponsored workshop is limited to 20-25 individuals and is determined by a competitive application process. Most sponsored 3- to 5-day workshops meet from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and take place in Ann Arbor, MI.

A workshop in Session I or Session II meets for two hours daily, Monday-Friday, for four weeks. Both four-week sessions take place in Ann Arbor, Michigan on the University of Michigan campus. A four-week workshop can vary in size from ten to more than 80 participants. A participant who registers in Session I and/or Session II can enroll in as many workshops (and lectures) within that session as they wish, although many participants limit themselves to one or two workshops per session, due to the rigorous workload of each workshop. For a list of fees and discounts for our four-week sessions, see the Program Scholar fees on our Registration & Fees page.

Yes. Email sumprog@icpsr.umich.edu and let us know your previous training, your current research or interests, and your course questions. Our staff will advise you about which course(s) would be most appropriate. For participants in Sessions I and/or II, we also provide course counseling during check-in on the first day.

Participants do not need to submit transcripts in order to attend the Summer Program. There is no formal vetting process for our courses, with the exception of our sponsored (substantive) 3- to 5-day workshops.

To register for our courses, all you need to do is create an ICPSR "MyData" account and select the courses of interest to you.

We strongly recommend that each participant create his or her own MyData account in order to register for our courses. Thus, your supervisor should use her own email address as her user name for her MyData account.

The Summer Program sends all administrative communications—including registration confirmation, course information, receipts, and announcements—to the email address that you provide as your MyData account user name. This user name also provides you with access to all of the ICPSR data archives.

Yes, we are able to help you manage a later registration for Session I and/or Session II. Just send a note to sumprog@icpsr.umich.edu with your arrival details.

Certainly. Contact us at sumprog@icpsr.umich.edu for the current number of remaining seats in the 3- to 5-day workshop you wish to attend. Our 3- to 5-day workshops generally have a maximum capacity of 25 participants.

You may sign up for a workshop without first making a payment. However, please note that the only way you can guarantee your seat in a 3- to 5-day workshop is to sign up for the workshop and pay the registration fee in full.

When the number of registrants for a 3- to 5-day workshop exceeds the number of available seats, we will create a waitlist. We will then contact any unpaid registrants, who will have ten days to pay the full registration fee. If they are unable to complete payment of the registration fee, we will withdraw them from the workshop and inform the first person on the waitlist that a seat has become available. We will continue this process until all registrants have paid and the workshop is filled.

Certainly. Please send your query to sumprog@icpsr.umich.edu with a note asking for a total number of applicants for the particular sponsored workshop.

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