2013 Syllabi and Reading Lists

Syllabi have been provided in PDF format, and require Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to viewed. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you may obtain a free copy from Adobe's website


Advanced Bayesian Models for the Social Sciences

Advanced Game Theory

Advanced Multivariate Statistical Methods

Advanced Topics in Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Applied Bayesian Analysis for the Social Sciences

BJS Workshop on Quantitative Analysis of Crime and Criminal Justice

Calculus for Social Scientists

Categorical Data Analysis

Causal Inference for the Social Sciences

Complex Systems Models in the Social Sciences

Data Mining: Tools for Exploring Big Data

Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis I

Introduction to Computing

Introduction to Game Theory

Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis II

Introduction to the R Statistical Computing Environment

Introduction to Computing

Longitudinal Analysis of Historical Demographic Data

Longitudinal Data Analysis

Applied Multilevel Modeling

Mathematics for Social Scientists I

Mathematics for Social Scientists II

Mathematics for Social Scientists III

Matrix Algebra

Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Measurement, Scaling, and Dimensional Analysis

Missing Data: Introduction to the Analysis of Incomplete Data Sets


Network Analysis: Advanced Topics

Race and Ethnicity: Methodological Issues

Rational Choice

Regression Analysis

Regression Analysis: Introduction

Regression Analysis II: Linear Models

Regression Analysis III: Advanced Methods

Simultaneous Equation Models

Social Network Analysis

Structual Equation Models with Latent Variables

Time Series Analysis

Time Series Analysis: Advanced Topics