2008 Syllabi and Reading Lists

Advanced Bayesian Models for the Social Sciences - Jeff Gill, Patrick Brandt, John Freeman, Jong Hee Park

Advanced Maximum Likelihood Estimation: Duration Analysis/Event History Analysis - Brad Jones

Advanced Maximum Likelihood Estimation: Models for Panel and Time-Series Cross-Section Data - Gregory Wawro

Advanced Multivariate Statistical Methods - Douglas Steinley

Analyzing Developmental Trajectories, Workshop on - Daniel S. Nagin (PDF 1MB)

Analyzing Multilevel and Mixed Models Using Stata - Roberto Gutierrez

Applied Bayesian Modeling for the Social Scientists, Introduction to - Ryan Bakker

Applied Bayesian Statistics for Social Scientists, Introduction to - Scott M. Lych

Categorical Analysis - Thomas Pullum

Categorical Data Analysis: Models for Binary, Ordinal, Nominal, and Count Outcomes - Scott Long

Collaborative Psychiatric Epidemiology Surveys (CPES): Investigating Cultural and Ethnic Influences on Mental Health - James Jackson and JoAnne McFarland O'Rourke

Complex Systems Models in the Social Sciences - Ken Kollman

Computing, Introduction to - Michael Hawthorne

Data Mining - Robert Stine

Designing, Conducting, and Analyzing Field Experiments - Donald Green

Examining Child Outcomes and Well-being in Early Care and Education Settings - Kwang Kim, Gail Mulligan, Martha Phillips, Amy Rathburn & Alberto Sorongon

Game Theory: Basic Topics - Dimitri Landa

Game Theory: Advanced Topics - Catherine Hafer

Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods, Workshop on - Christopher Maxwel, Kaye Marz, Brady T. West, Brent Philips

Hierarchical Linear Models II: Advanced Topics - Stephen W. Raudenbush

Hierarchical Linear Models: Introduction - Aline G. Sayer & Natalya Verbitsky (PDF 2.9MB)

Integrating Biomarkers in Population-Based Reseach - Andrew Olshan

Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis I - Lee Walker

Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis II - Andres Martinez

Latent Trajectory/Growth Curve Analysis: A Strucutral Equation Modeling Approach - Kenneth Bollen

Longitudinal Data Analysis - Michael L. Berbaum

Mathematical Models: Rational Choice Theories of Politics and Society - James Johnson

Mathematics for Social Scientists I - Stephen G. Bringardner

Mathematics for Social Scientists II - Howard M. Thompson

Mathematical Models: Rational Choice Theories of Politics and Society - James Johnson

Matrix Algebra - Pedro Sanchez

Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Generalized Linear Models - Christopher Zorn

Methodological Issues in Quantitative Research on Race and Ethnicity - Phillip Bowman

Multilevel Models Using SAS PROC MIXED, Introduction to - Patrick J. Curran

Network Analysis: an Accelerated Introduction - Ann McCranie and Stanley Wasserman

Network Analysis: an Introduction - Ann McCranie and Stanley Wasserman

Panel-data analysis using Stata - David M. Drukker

Providing Social Science Data Services: Strategies for Design and Operation - Diane Geraci, Chuck Humphrey, Jim Jacobs

Quantitative Analysis of Criminal Justice Data - James P. Lynch

Quantitative Historical Analysis - John Reynolds

Regression Analysis I: An Introduction - Saundra Schneider

Regression Analysis II - Brian M. Pollins

Regression Analysis II: Linear Models - Tim McDaniel

Regression Analysis III: Basic Oultine - Dave Armstrong, Matthew Painter

Simultaneous Equation Models - Sandy Marquart-Pyatt

Spatial Regression Analysis, Introduction to - Paul R. Voss and Katherine Curtis White

Statistical Computing using R/S - John Fox

Structural Equation Models and Latent Variables: An Introduction - Kenneth Bollen

Structural Equation Models with Latent Variables - Douglas Baer

Time Series Analysis - Genie Baker