Kristine WitkowskiKristine Witkowski

Research Investigator, ICPSR

Brief Biography

Dr. Witkowski's work focuses on disclosure risk associated with contextual data and experimental traits of public-use collections. Her research interests include methodologies which develop and utilitize historical and spatial data; and migration and settlement dynamics in the US Great Plains.

Recent Publications

Book Chapter

Gutmann, M. P., G. D. Deane, and K. M. Witkowski. "Finding Frontiers in the U.S. Great Plains from the End of the Civil War to the Eve of the Great Depression." In Navigating Time and Space in Population Studies, edited by M. P. Gutmann, G. D. Deane, K. M. Sylvester, and E. R. Merchant, Chapter 6. (Springer Verlag and the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population, International Studies in Population Series), final submission for publication, January 12, 2010.

Journal Articles

Gutmann, M. P., K. M. Witkowski, C. Colyer, J. McFarland O'Rourke, and J. McNally. 2008. "Providing Spatial Data for Secondary Analysis: Issues and Current Practices relating to Confidentiality." Population Research and Policy Review 27: 639-665.

Working Papers and Recent Presentations

Witkowski, Kristine M. "Disclosure Risk of Contextual Data: The Role of Identified Geography, Spatial Scale, and Nesting of Information in Public-Use Files." Presented at the Population Association of America Conference in New York City, NY. 2007.

Witkowski, Kristine M., Myron P. Gutmann. "A Reconfiguration of Census Tabulations: Maintaining Historical Consistency of Aggregate Industrial Categories at the County-Level." Poster presentation at the Population Association of America Conference in Los Angeles, CA. 2006.