Photo of Susan Hautaniemi LeonardSusan Hautaniemi Leonard

Assistant Research Scientist, Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research;
Research Affiliate, Population Studies Center

Brief Biography

Dr. Leonard's work focuses on the relationship between human populations and their environments. Her research interests include historical epidemiology and mortality in emergent industrial cities of the Northeast United States; household dynamic and farming practices in grasslands settlement; aging, migration, isolation and settlement dynamics in the US Great Plains; and cross-cultural experience of human female reproductive senescence.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Leonard, Susan Hautaniemi, Myron P. Gutmann, Glenn D. Deane and Kenneth M. Sylvester. "Drought and the Lifecycle/Landuse Trajectory in Agricultural Households." Demographic Responses to Economic and Environmental Crises, Proceedings of the IUSSP Seminar May 21-23, Reitaku University, Satomi Kuroso, Tommy Bengtsson and Cameron Campbell, eds. Reitaku University: Kashiwa, Japan. 2010.

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