What do the values in Availability (PERMIT) mean?

The PERMIT field is strictly an internal/staff field used for administrative purposes. The values are defined as follows:

  • AVAILABLE - This study is currently distributed by ICPSR.
  • UNAVAILABLE - This study is currently unavailable through ICPSR, but it is our belief that this is temporary. This issue is usually resolved in a few days/months and often stems from a problem with the data file or setup file.
  • RESTRICTED - ICPSR is no longer distributing this study, nor do we have any plans to do so. This usually happens when we are asked to pull a study, or when a study has been replaced by another study that has more data. I.e., we took down GSS 2000-2005 because they sent us GSS 2000-2006. Note that RESTRICTED here means "de-accessioned"; it has nothing to do with the sensitivity of the data.

Note that RESTRICTED studies should not appear in search results, but their metadata should still be available. I.e., the persistent URLs still work.

UNAVAILABLE studies look the same as AVAILABLE studies, save that there are no download links.