How do I find a list of all studies deposited by researchers from my institution?

  1. First, log in on the ICPSR Find & Analyze Data site.
  2. Then click on the view all studies link.
  3. On the lower left, there are now OR- and Staff-Only filters. One of those is investigator affiliation. Just click on the view all link beside "Affiliation."
  4. Now just go through the list and click on your institution. You will now see a list of all studies deposited by researchers from your institution. Please note there's an export option that can send these results to a comma-delimited file, which could easily be pulled into Excel for a tidier report.

We made this utility available to ORs on 2013-10-29, so we haven't polished it up a lot. Some caveats about this system:

  • Data entry errors will result in multiple entries for the same institution. We're in the process of cleaning this up, but it's not a small task. You will most likely need to export a few delimited files from different result sets and combine them in Excel.
  • As you will see in the list, the system wasn't built to gracefully handle researchers who list multiple affiliations, nor does it do a great job of handling departments within a particular university.
  • There are a bunch of entries listed under "The." We have not been able to correct faceting for entries that begin with "The." This is a persistent issue we're having with our search engine (SOLR), and there isn't a good fix currently.

We are working on tidying the affiliations. If you need a particular item fixed quickly, email