What do the values in the "Type of Analysis" facet mean?

Type of Analysis Description
GIS GIS data are provided by ICPSR in files that can be used to perform geospatial analysis with a geographic information system (GIS) software package.
qualitative Qualitative data are provided by ICPSR in files that can be used with a qualitative software package or word processing software for qualitative research. Qualitative data are often collected using qualitative research methods and stored as textual information or narratives, (e.g., collected through in-depth interviews, focus groups, site visits, court records, and open-text answers to survey questions provided separately from the quantitative data), images, and audio recordings (although the latter two are currently not available from ICPSR).
quantitative Quantitative data are provided by ICPSR in statistical software packages (e.g., SPSS, SAS, Stata, and R) as well as fixed-column and tab-delimited ASCII formats that can be imported into a statistical software package and in Excel. Quantitative data are primarily numeric and can be either microdata or macrodata. A common form of microdata is of values that are the coded responses to survey questions (e.g., a 'no' response is coded as '0' and a 'yes' response coded as '1') and where each row in the data file corresponds to the surveyed unit (e.g., individual, household, or organization) and each column corresponds to a survey question. Macrodata consist of aggregated figures (e.g., summaries of the properties of individuals or economic statistics) or system-level data from macro sources that form indicators and cannot be disaggregated to lower level units (e.g., institutional variables, country-level economic indicators).