I C P S R's Strategic Plan

Planning Process

Plan Development

Since ICPSR released its previous Strategic Plan in 2008, new forms of data-based research have emerged, and the data archiving community continues to grow and develop. New mandates for open access to publicly funded scientific data offer great benefits to the scientific community and the public, but they raise important issues about capacity and sustainability. Economic uncertainty has altered the funding picture for many in the research community. Given this changing context, ICPSR recognized the need for new strategies and an evolving vision for the future of the organization and the field.

Assisted by Cambridge Concord Associates (CCA), the first phase of the planning process began in September 2012 with a full-day retreat of the senior leadership group. This was followed by a process of information gathering both inside and outside the organization including phone interviews and meetings with ISR and ICPSR staff, ICPSR Official Representatives, partner institutions, and others who have worked with the Consortium in various ways.

In November 2012, the ICPSR senior leadership group met for a second retreat facilitated by CCA. Participants laid out an initial framework for a strategic plan including a set of preliminary strategic directions. Additional input was sought from Official Representatives, Council, and ICPSR staff. The final version of the Plan was published in September 2013.

Strategic Planning Group

The Strategic Planning Group consisted of the following:

  • George Alter, ICPSR
  • Rita Bantom, ICPSR
  • Bryan Beecher, ICPSR
  • Tony Brown, ICPSR Council, Vanderbilt University
  • G. Sayeed Choudhury, ICPSR Council, Johns Hopkins University
  • Linda Detterman, ICPSR
  • Catherine Fitch, ICPSR Council, University of Minnesota
  • John Garcia, ICPSR
  • Peter Granda, ICPSR
  • Lynette Hoelter, ICPSR
  • William Jacoby, ICPSR, Michigan State University
  • Jared Lyle, ICPSR
  • John Marcotte, ICPSR
  • Mary McEniry, ICPSR
  • JoAnne McFarland O’Rourke, ICPSR
  • Jim McNally, ICPSR
  • Dan Meisler, ICPSR
  • Amy Pienta, ICPSR
  • Rogelio Saenz, ICPSR Council, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Ken Sylvester, ICPSR
  • Diane Winter, ICPSR
  • Mary Vardigan, ICPSR
  • Tom Zelenock, ICPSR