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User Manual: Your Guide to Data Resources and User Support (334 KB)
General Brochure (1.1 MB) ICPSR Restricted-Use Data Management (209 KB)
Specialized Data Collections (385 KB) ICPSR Bibliography of Data-Related Literature (459 KB)
Teaching and Learning with ICPSR (393 KB) ICPSR in Education (191 KB)
Resource Center for Minority Data (340 KB) ICPSR in Behavioral Sciences (310 KB)
Summer Program Brochure (296 KB) ICPSR in Economics (187 KB)
Behavioral and Social Sciences (379 KB) ICPSR in Political Science (187 KB)
Benefits of Sharing and Archiving Data (304 KB) ICPSR in Sociology (215 KB)
openICPSR: Public-Access Data Sharing at ICPSR (450 KB)