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Text: Did you know < INSERT YOUR INSTITUTION HERE > staff, students, & faculty can access ICPSR social/behavioral research data?

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Text: The ICPSR Summer Program offers dynamic, hands-on experience studying quantitative methods and statistics. More:

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Text: "What is Data Curation?" ICPSR 101 video series answers this question, and more:

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"What Is ICPSR?"This handy ICPSR 101 video quickly explains the inner workings of ICPSR. ICPSR is the world's largest archive of digital social science data. We acquire, preserve, and distribute original social science research data. ICPSR is a partner in social science research.

"What is Data Curation?" -- This handy ICPSR 101 video quickly explains the intricacies of the work our data processors do every day to find and fix issues in the data we distribute, ensuring their long-term availability and value to the research community.

"What are Metadata? (And why are they so important?)" -- ICPSR believes metadata are critical to effective data use. This video tells you some of the many reasons why metadata are important.

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