ICPSR Media Kit

The ICPSR Media Kit is a collection of materials institutions can use to promote ICPSR resources and conduct workshops locally. The materials are designed, where possible, to be customized to your needs. The media kit will continue to evolve, so please check back for updates.

Institutions may request copies of the contents within the media kit (printed materials) by using the Promotional Materials Request Form.

Using the ICPSR Media Kit

  • Using the ICPSR Media Kit

    Using the ICPSR Media Kit (PDF 2MB) provides a brief description of the media kit goals and recommended materials associated with its use. Printed promotional materials referenced in the description are found on the Publications and Promotional Materials page and may be accessed electronically or ordered from ICPSR directly.

  • Promoting ICPSR Calendar and Checklist

    The Calendar and Checklist (PDF 2MB) offers a recommended calendar of promotional activities regarding ICPSR resources and events throughout the academic season.

ICPSR Workshop Materials

ICPSR workshop materials are designed to provide the content you need to conduct workshops with faculty, students, and librarians that will:

  • Increase skills at searching, downloading, and beginning analysis of ICPSR data
  • Assist instructors to locate data to bring data analysis into the classroom
  • Familiarize your community with ICPSR summer courses in quantitative methods and statistics
  • Orient your institution to undergraduate social science research opportunities at ICPSR
  • Conducting ICPSR Workshops Checklist

    The Workshop Checklist (PDF 2MB) provides a chronological checklist of steps to take when preparing for, promoting, and conducting workshops on ICPSR resources.

  • The ICPSR Workshop Presentation (PowerPoint ZIP 2MB)

    This PowerPoint presentation template can be customized and used to conduct ICPSR-related workshops for librarian, faculty, and student audiences. See the "Notes view" for notes and suggestions on topics to cover on each slide.

  • Email and Newsletter Workshop Announcement Templates

    The Email and Newsletter announcement templates are intended to be copied, pasted, and customized for announcement of upcoming ICPSR-related workshops held at your institution.

  • ICPSR Workshop Announcement Poster and Flyer

    ICPSR has two productions of different dimensions suitable for posting the announcement of ICPSR-related workshops—the 11" x 17" poster (PDF 32K) and the 8.5" x 11" flyer (PDF 333K). These productions can be customized to your dates/times by typing/writing in the spaces provided and printing locally.