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sample email for sharing I C P S R


Subject: Social science data for analysis and teaching available via ICPSR

Are you interested in determining the average age at which men versus women begin smoking? Where do you go if you need to know about differences in political attitudes based on age, gender, education, race, or ethnicity? These and countless other questions can be answered by studies in the ICPSR data holdings, which are available on this campus for free.

ICPSR is the world's largest collection of digital social science data. These data can be used for secondary research, instructional activities, and to write articles, papers or theses. ICPSR has a myriad of resources, such as:

ICPSR data cover topics from sociology, political science, economics, demography, education, child care, health care, crime, minority populations, aging, terrorism, substance abuse, mental health, public policy, international relations and more.

All <INSERT INSTITUTION HERE> staff, students, and faculty have access to the extensive ICPSR data holdings. Access is direct and quick via the ICPSR website.

Please forward this email to any faculty, staff or students who may be interested in accessing data.