2019 Biennial ICPSR Meeting

October 16-18, 2019
Ann Arbor

Welcome to the program and registration site for the 2019 Biennial Meeting of ICPSR representatives! This year’s conference theme is “Data Storytelling.”

Since 1962, the ICPSR community has actively supported the curation, preservation, and analysis of data such that data stories — past and present — can be told to support our collective mission to advance science. This biennial gathering of ICPSR’s Official Representatives (ORs) and Designated Representatives (DRs) will support that mission via training and information-sharing in the areas of data curation and data management, research and classroom data resources, and data education opportunities to keep your institutions telling scientific stories using the best and latest quantitative methods.

The storyline

The breadth of ICPSR’s data collections, collaborations, and data services has continued to expand. The 2019 ICPSR Biennial Meeting will provide an overview of what is available now and what is coming soon in terms of types of data (new collections) and data tools, including those that will assist in easier but more secure access to restricted data, data linkages, and the expansion of online analysis capabilities. Through workshops and sessions, the ICPSR Biennial Meeting strives to deliver content that is a balance between hands-on, awareness-building, and member networking.

Finally, the ICPSR Biennial Meeting will provide a thorough chronicle of your Consortium’s activities of the recent past and foretell plans for the future! After three days of workshops, sessions, and the exchange of ideas, attendees will leave confident in their ability to interact with and retell the story of your evolving ICPSR membership! Integrating ICPSR representative feedback and user feedback collected last fall makes for a meeting program that is focused on professional development and practical tips for delivering data services to your institutions. With over 17 workshops and sessions, the meeting will also impart practical approaches and strategies to discover and access research data, work with data producers to share data, write data management plans, and locate tools and resources to assist in curating, preserving, and managing research data at your institution.

The audience

This meeting serves as an opportunity for researchers, teaching faculty, librarians, policymakers, and data professionals to gather and share ideas that will aid us as a data community to deliver greater research impact.

Participation in the ICPSR meeting is limited to individuals from ICPSR Member Institutions and invited presenters and guests. There are no registration fees for this meeting.

The setting

Workshops, set on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, begin on Wednesday, October 16, and the meeting concludes at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, October 18. For those who cannot attend the meeting in-person, presentation materials and recordings will be posted on the Program & Workshops pages and on ICPSR’s YouTube Channel.

We look forward to seeing you this fall with a story to tell!


Linda Detterman
Membership & Communications Director