OR Role in Governance

ORs participate in the governance of ICPSR in two ways, first through their involvement in the candidate nominating process, and second, through their approval of the slate of nominees for Council representatives. ICPSR is governed by a council of twelve scholars and data professionals who meet three times a year. They guide and oversee the activities of ICPSR. Six new council members are approved by the ORs every two years to serve four-year terms. The nominating committee of Council, with input from ICPSR staff, ORs, and council members, nominates a slate of six candidates. Those six new council members are then approved by the ORs to serve four-year terms. The approval process (electronic voting) typically covers a two-month period that commences shortly after the end of the biennial OR meeting. For a staff perspective on your role in ICPSR governance see "A Word on ICPSR Council Nominations."

ORs are also involved in the nomination of individuals for ICPSR's Warren E. Miller and William H. Flanigan Awards, which are biennial awards to individuals who have distinguished themselves in their service to the social science community. During the nomination phase, ORs, among others, are asked to nominate individuals who have had a profound impact on social science research and infrastructure (Miller Award) and individuals who have made significant contributions to the social science community and served as ICPSR representatives (Flanigan Award).