Why aren't names appearing for all the downloaded items on my order history/manifest? Some of them say "withheld" in the "ordered by" field.

There are three situations in which that information does not appear:

  1. The information does not appear because the user has deliberately chosen not to share that information.

    On the MyData registration form, there is a question that states "May ICPSR allow the OR on your campus to view your [download] information." The default answer for this question is "Yes." If the user leaves it at "Yes," then his/her name appears on the manifest; if the user changes it to "No," then his/her name and email are not displayed.

    The following issues come into play regarding user identification:

    • ORs, as a group, have differing needs with regards to this information. Some ORs have requested we require users to share their information; some ORs have stated that sending them the names and emails of users who download data violates their institution's privacy guidelines; some ORs are indifferent about the actual names and are satisfied with department information and summary statistics of the downloads.

    • ICPSR values the concerns of all users, not just the Official Representative. We want to respect the end user's privacy needs, in addition to meeting the needs of the institutions' Official Representatives.

    • ICPSR receives funding from several federal agencies, some of which place upon us specific contractual obligations in regards to disclosing information about end users.

    For the reasons above, ICPSR will not disclose names or email addresses without the express permission of the user. We will, however, share download statistics and information on institutional and departmental affiliation with Official Representative(s) at that institution.

  2. The site from which the user downloaded his/her data has policies that prevent us from disclosing that information.

    We were not able to reach agreement with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the funding agency for SAMHDA. Because of this, data downloaded from the SAMHDA website by ICPSR members will appear in manifests with no identifiers. The fields identifying who downloaded the study will be blank.

  3. The download in question took place while we were transitioning from our old system of recording downloads to our new registration system.

    Some users access ICPSR data not through the ICPSR main website but rather through our partnering websites. Following the implementation of IP-based access, we began working with the partners to link their downloads with our reporting system. Linking the sites took some time, however. The dates of implementation are listed below:

    • National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging (NACDA) - 2001-12-10
    • International Archive of Education Data (IAED) - 2002-01-21
    • Health and Medical Care Archive (HMCA) - 2002-02-12
    • Substance Abuse & Mental Health Data Archive (SAMHDA) - 2002-04-04
    • National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NACJD) - 2002-05