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"ICPSR is the most important platform for social science related datasets"

How to Become a Member of ICPSR

To become a member (some institutions call this “subscribing”), fill out the ICPSR Membership Application Form.

Membership obligations include:

  • Agreement to use data responsibly
  • Payment of annual dues
  • Designation of an Official Representative to be the primary contact for communication between your member institution and ICPSR

"Having thousands of data collections in one place is hugely valuable for data users and data providers, and those of us who support research work."


"It is great to be a member of ICPSR for all of the services that ICPSR members receive. ICPSR members get free access to ICPSR data, discounted tuition for ICPSR Summer Program classes, access to our great teaching resources, and lots more. The most important reason to be a member of ICPSR is that ICPSR is the community of research data producers and users. As part of that community, you not only receive benefits, you provide leadership and stewardship to the data-driven scientific community. Join ICPSR. Be ICPSR."

Annual Dues

Fiscal Year 2020 and 2021 Dues

Dues for US academic institutions are based on the 2015 Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education For Doctoral/Research institutions, rates are based on a combination of the 2000 and 2015 classification. Find your FY2020/FY2021 category (Excel).

2015 Carnegie Category 2000 Carnegie Category FY2021
Jul 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021
Doctoral University Highest Research Activity Extensive $19,880
Doctoral University Higher Research Activity Extensive $18,850
Doctoral University Higher Research Activity Intensive $10,715
Doctoral University Moderate Research Activity Intensive $9,270
Master's Large   $7,520
Master's Medium   $3,090
Master's Small   $2,680
Baccalaureate/Specialized   $2,475
Associate/Community College   $620
High School   $515

Dues for nonprofit, government, and academic institutions outside the United States, and for commercial subscribers are based upon the institution's size and use of data resources. There are four levels of Associate membership or subscription. Annual dues (beginning on July 1, 2018) for these institutions are found below.

Level FY2021
Associate I $17,925
Associate II $11,900
Associate III $5,975
Associate IV $2,475

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Updated 6/25/2019