Federations & National Memberships at ICPSR

Federations are an important component of ICPSR membership. Federation services include training programs for federation members and workshops to promote the use of quantitative data in the classroom.

Federation discounts are applied to each individual member's fee, which is based on the institution's membership category. Discounts are as follows:

  • 10% discount for federations with 2-5 members
  • 20% discount for federations with 6+ members

Establishing a New Federation

A new federation can be organized in a variety of ways. For example, a federation can form around a state university system, an association of liberal arts colleges, an association of colleges in a geographic area, or a major research institution and surrounding smaller colleges.

New federations cannot be formed simply to reduce member dues. New federations must include at least one institution that is not an ICPSR member. The dues from the members of each new federation must be equal to or greater than the dues from the schools that are already members of ICPSR.

Each federation must designate a hub institution that will handle dues payments and other administrative matters for the entire federation.

Those interested in forming a federation should contact ICPSR Membership Director Linda Detterman.