Research Fellowships

About FACTS Fellowships

Fellows will have an opportunity to both collaborate in ongoing consortium research projects and initiate analyses of their own with the mentorship of core investigators. The FACTS consortium is not offering post-doctoral fellowships at this time. Please come back and visit this page in December 2019.

Meet FACTS Fellows

Our 2018 fellows are drawing on interdisciplinary training in behavioral health, data science, and machine learning to advance our knowledge about child and adolescent firearm injury.

Jonathan Jay, JD, DrPh

Dr. Jay uses data science to study urban health risks. He is interested in where gun assaults occur within urban spaces, particularly in relation to the physical environment, and how big data sources and machine learning can inform our understanding of urban gun violence. As a FACTS postdoctoral fellow, he will use similar machine learning approaches to study youth firearm injuries in cities.

Carissa Schmidt, PhD, MPH

Dr. Schmidt a behavioral health scientist whose past research explores the influence of societal and interpersonal mattering for rural adolescent health. As a Post-Doc with FACTS, her research will explore how risk and protective factors across levels of influence (individual, family, peer) can increase or buffer risk for involvement in firearm violence.