Pediatric Firearm Injury Research Agenda

June 10, 2019: Identifying timely and important research questions regarding firearm injury prevention is a critical step for reducing pediatric mortality. To address the lag in research as a result of the lack of resource allocation to firearm injury prevention in the past 25 years, FACTS researchers conducted scoping reviews and used a nominal group technique to develop urgent research priorities.

Final agenda questions were reviewed by stakeholder members and an external panel of research experts. Overall, 26 priority agenda items with examples of specific research questions were identified across 5 major thematic areas, including epidemiology and risk and protective factors, primary prevention, secondary prevention and sequelae, cross-cutting prevention factors, policy, and data enhancement. When taken together, these priority agenda items define a comprehensive pediatric-specific firearm injury prevention research agenda that will guide research resource allocation within this field during the next 5 years.

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