Text Description of Data Life Cycle Diagram

Phase 1: Proposal Development and Data Management Plans

  • Contact archive for advice
  • Create data management plan to ensure long-term availability of data resources

Phase 2: Project Start-up

  • Make decisions about documentation form and content
  • Conduct pretests and pilot tests of materials and methods

Phase 3: Data Collection and File Creation

  • Follow best practice
  • For data, address dataset integrity, variable names, labels, and groups; coding; missing data
  • For documentation, explore use of DDI standard; include all relevant documentation elements; document constructed variables

Phase 4: Data Analysis

  • Manage master datasets and work files
  • Set up appropriate file structures
  • Back up data and documentation

Phase 5: Preparing Data for Sharing

  • Address disclosure risk limitation
  • Determine file formats to deposit
  • Contact archive for advice

Phase 6: Depositing Data

  • Complete relevant forms
  • Comply with dissemination standards and formats