Roles and Responsibilities

At ICPSR, digital preservation is carried out as a distributed function that is integrated into operations across the organization:

  • The digital preservation unit is responsible for developing and promulgating good practice to align ICPSR with the digital preservation community.
  • Processors in the General Archive and in the topical archives at ICPSR ensure that core preservation activities are completed and documented, as data and associated files are acquired, processed, and prepared for release.
  • The Computing and Network Services (CNS) unit at ICPSR supports digital preservation by ensuring and enforcing data security, overseeing the development of automated tools and workflows for processing and preserving data and its associated content, and coordinating the creation and secure management of copies of files over time.
  • The Director of ICPSR, the Collection Development unit, the topical archive managers, and the Collection Delivery unit all participate in digital preservation at ICPSR through decisionmaking and other contributions that inform policies and practice.
  • The ICPSR Council, an elected advisory board, evaluates highlevel policy documents and reviews programmatic plans and progress.

The digital preservation unit at ICPSR is pleased to coordinate with the School of Information at the University of Michigan to identify graduate students to work as digital preservation assistants, a collaboration that provides valuable contributions to the digital preservation projects at ICPSR and practical experience and training for students.

If you wish to submit a question/request electronically, please email the Digital Preservation staff at