Requests for Permission to Redistribute ICPSR Data

ICPSR obtains permission from data depositors to disseminate their data collections under its standard terms of use. These terms include the following statement, from Article 1.2.B of the Bylaws, as agreed to by each campus Official Representative upon their institution's becoming a member of ICPSR:

Members will not distribute data or other materials supplied by ICPSR to other members, organizations, or individuals at other institutions, without the written agreement of ICPSR.

This policy also applies to data and documentation materials supplied to institutions and organizations which are not members of ICPSR.

In keeping with this policy, requests for permission to redistribute ICPSR data, in any form, are approved by the ICPSR Data Stewardship Policy Committee. The committee may request the input of the ICPSR Council.

Requests to redistribute ICPSR data should be sent to

Evaluation of the request will consider the following:

  • Is the product to be created from the ICPSR data of general benefit to the research community?

  • Does the proposed product offer functionality not available from ICPSR?

  • Will the product provide a clear net benefit to the ICPSR membership?

  • Will the license agreement for the product be acceptable to the ICPSR membership?

  • Will the proposed remuneration to ICPSR be satisfactory? Remuneration may be either monetary or in the form of access to the product.

Note: This policy does not apply to data archived through openICPSR.