Variable Search

CivicLEADS's variables database enables users to examine and compare variables and questions across all of CivicLEADS's studies. The database includes thousands of variables from studies with quantitative data described in statistical syntax.

The variable search tool allows researchers to find data elements of specific interest and, where applicable, to discover the question text used in collecting each variable. The search tool also reports and links variables derived from the combination of other variables (indices, multi-variable measures, etc.) and root variables which have been used in the creation of such derived variables.

browse variables by study

Comparing Variables

Compare variables using the checkboxes and the "Compare" button on the search results page:

Search Tips for Variables

  • Enter words or strings that are likely to appear in a variable name, label, question, and value labels:
    will return variables dealing with all activism.
    environmental activism
    will return only variables dealing with activism with some element of environmentalism.
  • Use quotes to search for specific phrases:
    "civic education" "voting rights" "social media"
  • The minus sign may be used to remove certain types of results:
    "social media" -Facebook
    will eliminate variables related to social media which specifically mention Facebook.
  • A Boolean "and" is implied in the search.
  • The search automatically does stemming (more info); there's no need to type in an asterisk. It's also case-insensitive.