Building a Community around Disability-related Data

Housed at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, the CLDR's long-term goal is to help create a research environment and culture where rehabilitation scientists will have the skills and knowledge to become significant contributors to the changes in health care policy and practice that are being driven through the use of large data and the unprecedented expansion of healthcare information that has occurred in recent years. The Center offers information and resources for the following items:

The Rehabilitation Dataset Directory and Rehabilitation Research Cross-Dataset Variable Catalog were developed through a collaboration between UTMB and Cornell University's Employment and Disability Institute. With these tools available on Cornell University's website, users can find secondary data for their disability and rehabilitation related research and find detailed variable level rehabilitation relevant information across 6 major datasets.

The University of Michigan's Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department hosts a research program that cuts across diverse disabilities and conditions and addresses improving clinical outcomes and quality of life through new medical, behavioral and technological adaptations. The department also provides education and training resources that help to educate and prepare national and international leaders in PM&R.