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Our online deposit form provides a secure upload of files and establishes the terms and conditions of the data transfer.

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Instructions for Depositing Data

To complete a data deposit, click on the "Start Deposit" button above. Please make sure that "ADDEP" appears in the "Archive" drop-down menu so that your data is archived with us.

Most fields are self-explanatory, but contact us at if you have any questions.

You may want to watch our video, A Demonstration of ICPSR's New Data Deposit System, on the ICPSR YouTube channel.

Information about how ICPSR prepares data for public release is available.

The following files are necessary for deposit:

  1. Final version of each dataset generated during the project, including scale or other derived variables created for published analyses
  2. Codebook listing the variable names, variable labels, value labels, and missing value designations (an SPSS dictionary with these elements can suffice)

The following files are very helpful to the archiving work of ADDEP:

  1. Programming code necessary to reproduce all constructed measures and original data analysis, including but not limited to associated databases, database queries, images, or PowerPoint slides
  2. Blank copy of each data collection instrument
  3. User guide, manual, or other data collection protocols
  4. IRB approval and blank copy of each consent form
  5. Inventory of the files deposited.

Restricted-Use Data Archiving

Confidentiality regarding the data should be addressed before deposit. For data that contain indirect identifiers that may pose disclosure risk for respondents, ADDEP staff can assist with preparing a restricted-use archiving and dissemination plan.

Contact ADDEP

Depositors with any questions or with deposits that contain physical materials should contact ADDEP staff.

Tell Us About Publications

ADDEP would like to add your published findings to our Bibliography of Data-related Literature. The Bibliography links your publication to the data used for your analyses. Please use our citation form or email us when you publish from the data.

NIDILRR Grantee Information

As the preferred repository for all ACL/NIDILRR-funded research, ICPSR provides additional information about depositing data for NIDLRR grantees. If you are a grantee who wishes to deposit your data with ICPSR, please visit Resources for NIDILRR Grantees.

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