Historical Documents

ICPSR's website through the years

I C P S R website in 1997
I C P S R website in 2002
I C P S R website in 2006
I C P S R website in 2011
I C P S R website in 2012
I C P S R website in 2016

Historical Files

This The University Record article from October 8, 1996 describes how ICPSR "completed the largest data migration ever to occur in the social sciences."

tributes to Austin and Heitowit upon their retirements

Tributes to Erik Austin and Hank Heitowit from the 2006-2007 annual report on the occasion of their retirement.

storage and migration strategies

This piece on storage and migration strategies tells the story of the move away from magnetic tape.

Warren Miller's obituary in the New York Times

The New York Times obituary of Warren Miller, Feb. 3, 1999.

commissioned paper

A commissioned paper by Jerome Clubb, Erik Austin, Carolyn Geda, and Michael Traugott, contained in the 1985 book Sharing Research Data, lays out the case for data sharing in the social sciences (55 pages).

1989 report of ICPSR Review Committee

Report of the ICPSR Review Committee, June 1989 (the Blalock Report).

1971 recruitment letter to Union College

This 1971 letter to officials at Union College is an example of the efforts to attract new members to the consortium.

1981 Vavra article

This 1981 article in the Review of Public Data Use journal by Janet Vavra gives a snapshot of the consortium's activities in the early 1980s.

Warren Miller article

A 1963 article in the journal American Behavioral Scientist by Warren Miller reporting the activities of ICPSR in its first year.

Philip Converse article

Article by Philip E. Converse, one of ICPSR's founders, in the Public Opinion Quarterly journal from 1964 titled "A Network of Data Archives for the Behavioral Sciences" describing the creation of ICPSR.>

March 1963 grant application to Ford Foundation

A grant application to the Ford Foundation from March 1963 that helped launch ICPSR.

1963-64 summer program activities

A summary of Summer Program activities from 1963-1964 annual report.

August 1962 letter from Miller to Likert

An August 1962 letter from ICPSR founder Warren Miller to Rensis Likert, director of the Institute for Social Research, describing the establishment of the Consortium.