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PI Interviews

As part of RCMD's efforts to expand its collection, we have approached PI's and convince them of the benefits of data sharing and a relative limited time demand on them to deposit their study with RCMD. From the spring 2010 to the present, we have been successful in receiving study deposits of both contemporary and policy relevant data. We have been identifying systematically more of such type of studies. The PI interviews serve as a personal dimension of this effort. That is, interviewing PI's of recently deposited studies enables us to accent the deposit experience with RCMD. In addition, we ask the PI about his/her research experiences, origins for their interest in conducting research and advice for other researchers.

We have conducted structured interviews (same set of questions) for each PI via the telephone. The interviews were recorded and transcribed. So on our web page, a visitor can see excerpts of each interview and be linked to the full interview transcript and a "podcast" of each one. We completed another one with Ruth Peterson (Ohio State University) which will be added to our working lists. As newer studies are processed and released, we plan to interview those PI's.