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University of Michigan Institute for Social Research (ISR)

The University of Michigan Institute for Social Research (ISR) is the world's largest academic social science survey and research organization. The scientific mission of ISR includes the planning and conduct of high quality social science research, the dissemination of findings from this research, and the training of future generations of social scientists.

The ISR Centers

University Race and Ethnicity Centers

  • Center for Comparative Immigration Studies
    University of California, San Diego

    The Center for Comparative Immigration Studies is a campus-wide research unit that conducts basic and policy-oriented research projects on international migration and refugee flows throughout the world, including the US immigration experience.

  • Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity
    Stanford University

    The Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity (CCSRE) provides many opportunities for teaching and research on topics of race and ethnicity from both domestic and international comparative perspectives.

  • Center for Inter-American and Border Studies
    University of Texas, El Paso

    The focus of the Center for Inter-American and Borders Studies is activities concerning the US-Mexico border, Mexico, Latin America, and borders more generally. This site contains information about academic programs, research programs, outreach activities, and opportunities for students and faculty.

  • Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America
    Brown University

    The Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America is an interdisciplinary research center which facilitates and promotes teaching, research, conferences, symposia, and other programs on issues impacting African American, Asian American, Latino, Native American, Middle Eastern, biracial, and multiracial peoples.

  • Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity
    Old Dominion University

    The Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity (ISRE) seeks to develop, promote, and implement academic, research and public service programs that focus on the study of race and ethnicity in Hampton Roads, Virginia, the nation, and throughout the African Diaspora. The political, social, economic, cultural, and historical experiences of African Americans and other communities of color are important dimensions emphasized in the work of the Institute.

  • National Latino Research Center
    California State University, San Marcos

    The National Latino Research Center (NLRC) specializes in applied research, training, technical assistance and research-based services that contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the rapidly growing U.S. Latino population.

Related Centers and Projects

  • The Future of Minority Studies Research Project
    Cornell University

    The Future of Minority Studies Research Project (FMS) was initiated in 2000 by a consortium of scholars and academic institutions with a primary interest in minority identity, education, and social transformation. FMS is organized as a mobile "think tank" designed to facilitate focused and productive discussions across disciplines.

  • Minority Health Project
    University of North Carolina

    The Minority Health Project (MHP) improving the quality of available data on racial and ethnic populations, expanding the capacity of minority-health researchers to conduct statistical research and develop research proposals, and fostering a network of researchers in minority health.

  • Population Research Center
    University of Texas, Austin

    The Population Research Center is an interdisciplinary research unit of that provides support for population-related research projects that focus primarily on health disparities, religion and health, children and families, education and transitions to adulthood, and the demography of Latin America and the US border.

  • Rural Assistance Center

    A product of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Rural Initiative, the Rural Assistance Center (RAC) is a rural health and human services "information portal" that includes a section focused on minority health disparities.

  • UNC Program on Ethnicity, Culture and Health Outcomes
    University of North Carolina

    The mission of ECHO, the UNC Program on Ethnicity, Culture, and Health Outcomes, is to eliminate health status and health outcomes disparities through translatable, evidence-based research, multidisciplinary training and education, and culturally sensitive service to North Carolina communities.

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