Education and Training

NAHDAP offers education and training programs and other forms of technical assistance for data depositors and data users.

  • Workshops and webinars on data preparation and legal and technical issues associated with data sharing
  • Conference short courses on data management plans and data sharing
  • On-site technical training for depositors and research work groups to enhance data preparation
  • Two- and three-day workshops offered through the Summer Program may focus on quantitative methods or secondary analysis of specific datasets. Since 1963, ICPSR has offered the ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research as a complement to its data services.

Contact NAHDAP staff to suggest or arrange a training event through NAHDAP.

NAHDAP Workshops

Below are syllabi and reading lists from past NAHDAP workshops.


Presentations by NAHDAP staff are available on YouTube. Select "Show more" located below each video for links to download the webinar (*.wmv) file and PowerPoint slides (*.pptx).

Watch the NAHDAP Announcements for information on future webinars.

ICPSR also has a number of video presentations on its YouTube channel that address a variety of topics including creating a MyData account, step-by-step instructions on using and troubleshooting setup files for the SAS, SPSS, and Stata statistical packages, and an overview of disclosure risk assessment and mitigation.

NAHDAP Posters and Promotions

Posters and brochures presented by NAHDAP staff at prior conferences attended.

Teaching Resources

ICPSR Data Driven Learning Guides (DDLGs) can be used to teach core concepts in the social sciences. The focal topics are drawn from concepts that are included in standard introductory-level social science textbooks. New guides will continually be added and topic areas expanded. An Instructors Guide to DDLGs is also available.

NIDA Teaching Packets explore the consequences of drug abuse on the brain and body, and introduces the topics of prevention and treatment.

Other Resources