Once an application is approved for access to the PATH Study biospecimen resource, the PATH Study team will contact you to initiate post-approval activities, biospecimen shipment, and reporting.

Post-Approval Activities: These activities must be completed within 12 months of the date on the notification e-mail approving your application.

  • Approve the list of biospecimens selected to fulfill your request. The PATH Study team will provide a biospecimen selection report that lists the total numbers and types of biospecimens that will be shipped to you.
  • Submit proof of funding for costs of biospecimen analyses.
  • Submit a letter from your institution's IRB documenting approval or exemption of your proposed project.
  • Submit letters of commitment from collaborating investigators if you are using PATH Study biospecimens in combination with biospecimens from other studies.
  • Fully execute a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) covering the transfer of biospecimens from the PATH Study biorepository to your designated laboratory. The PATH Study provides a standard MTA.
  • Request letters of approval from the PATH Study team if you are applying for a grant or other sources of funding to complete your project.

Biospecimen Shipment: Once all post-approval activities are completed, the PATH Study team will coordinate retrieval of the biospecimens from the PATH Study biorepository and shipment to your designated laboratory at no cost to you.

For additional information on project initiation activities see the PATH Study Biospecimen Access — Policies and Procedures for Investigators.

Reporting: You will be asked to submit annual progress reports starting one year after your biospecimen application is approved.

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Last updated: 9/20/2020