Learning Guide
Law Enforcement Agency Identifiers Crosswalk

Justice Data Learning Guide: No. 2, 2018

Using the Law Enforcement Agency Identifiers Crosswalk (LEAIC)

Criminal justice research may require merging disparate data sources that have no common match keys. The Law Enforcement Agency Identifiers Crosswalk (LEAIC) file facilitates linking reported crime data with other types of data, such as socio-economic data. Students will learn how to use the LEAIC to combine FBI data with other governmental sources to analyze crime. A guided exercise shows how to use the LEAIC to merge NIBRS homicide data with Census data and calculate homicide victimization rates across states.

Requirements for the exercises:

  • The exercises do not assume any prior knowledge of statistical concepts.
  • You will need to download approximately 254 MB of zipped data files, which will require 5.2 GB of disk space when unzipped.
  • The complete exercises require access to one of these software packages: IBM SPSS Statistics, or R.

Following this guide, you will be able to:

  • Describe key features of the LEAIC
  • Identify data sets that can be merged using the LEAIC
  • Use the LEAIC to merge FBI data with other sources
  • Locate, download, and prepare the NCVS 2015 data files for analysis
  • Analyze homicide victimizations across states using NIBRS and Census data

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