Fast Track Release


Fast Track Release data collections include datasets and other materials deposited by an investigator that have undergone basic processing by NACJD. This facilitates more rapid access to research data, sometimes as soon as within 30 days of archiving. In most instances these studies are first being made available through our restricted access procedures. In consultation with our federal sponsors, some Fast Track Release studies will be fully curated over time and distributed in multiple formats (e.g. SAS, SPSS, Stata, R, delimited).

During the ingest process, depositors are encouraged to deposit everything needed to replicate the results of the study including data, recode syntax and descriptions of the data and methodology. Fast Track Release data and documentation remain in the format and condition in which it was received and undergo the processing steps summarized below.

Data Processing

Data submissions are examined against the documentation supplied and a series of checks is carried out to ensure the quality of the data. This includes checks to make sure that basic descriptives (e.g. number of cases and variables) match the depositor's records and labeling information is complete. In addition, the files are checked for direct identifiers (e.g. social security numbers, names, etc.) and we work in collaboration with the depositor to remove and/or mask any that are found.

Documentation Processing

Documentation includes the relevant material that data users will need to make the best use of the data. If documentation is incomplete at the point of submission, we request more information from the depositor. We then prepare the materials (e.g. data collection instruments, codebooks, etc.) into a usable format and distribute them with the data. Additionally, a "Readme" file is created by NACJD which summarizes important information about the collection and the processing that was done.

Metadata Processing

Metadata, or study descriptions, are critical to effective data use as they convey information that is necessary to fully exploit the analytic potential of the data. Metadata is compiled based on information provided by depositors at the time of submission.

Identifying Fast Track Release Studies

Studies processed as Fast Track Release are identified on the study home page in the "Access Notes" and in the "Summary" and "Data Collection Note" fields.