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Submission Guidelines

Please refer to the Guidelines for Depositing Quantitative Data (pdf 64K) when preparing files for deposit.

OJJDP Grantees are strongly encouraged to refer to the ICPSR Guide to Social Science Data Preparation and Archiving, 5th Ed. for suggested steps to treat the data and protect respondent confidentiality before archiving.

Additional Data Collection Preparation Tips

When preparing the data for archiving, please remember the following:

  • Direct identifiers must be removed from the research data file before deposit.
  • If the dataset consists of two or more related files, variables that link the files should be included for each file along with documentation that clearly explains the relationship among the files and the variables needed to link them.
  • Each variable should have a set of exhaustive, mutually-exclusive codes. These codes should be thoroughly documented in the codebook. Variable labels and value labels should clearly describe the information or question recorded in that variable.
  • Document blanks whenever they are used as codes.
  • Use separate codes to distinguish cases where information was not applicable from other types of missing data such as "don't know" or "refused to answer".
  • Investigators are urged to check for out-of-range codes and codes that are inconsistent with skip patterns or internal consistency.
  • If the data include transformed variables, variables derived from other variables, formulas or details should be provided which explain how the derived variables were computed.
  • Include weights in the data files if they were developed. Explain how they were generated and appropriate ways to use them.
  • Variables should be defined as numeric whenever possible. A wider range of analyses can be performed with numeric variables.
  • A file providing an inventory of the files deposited is recommended.

Depositing Data

The online deposit form facilitates the secure upload of files via a Web browser, enables the depositor to describe the data collection being deposited and establishes the terms and conditions of the data transfer. Depositors are encouraged to use their ICPSR MyData account to deposit data. If you do not have a MyData account, you will be prompted to create. Accounts are at no charge and offer several user-friendly features.

Deposit Form for OJJDP Awardees

Preparing and Archiving OJJDP Data

This webinar was broadcast on May 22, 2018. It describes how to prepare and deposit OJJDP data for archiving at NACJD.

Archiving Orientation for OJJDP Research Grantees

Archiving Orientation for OJJDP Research Grantees

archiving orientation webinar slides

Slides are available for download (pdf)