MIDUS and NSHAP are NIA-funded, U.S. national, longitudinal studies that NACDA archives and provides access to:


Midlife in the United States


National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project

MIDUS and NSHAP are both mostly public-use data, however, both have materials that are restricted-use only. Users will need to apply for access by completing the restricted-use agreements for each study, noting that each study requires different information, for instance NSHAP requires IRB approval, MIDUS does not. Completed use agreements with scanned original signatures should be sent to icpsr-nacda@umich.edu

Video: How to Access NACDA's Restricted Data


NHATS and HRS are also NIA-funded, U.S. national, longitudinal studies which users can access through the respective project sites:

Users will need to register for each site to access the public data.

Here is a chart which illustrates some information and a glimpse into the themes explored across the studies:

  Examples of Topics Explored
Study Year Began Sample Info Cognition Retirement Social Network Biomeasures Mental Health
MIDUS 1995 General pop. survey, as well as surveys of siblings of the general pop. respondents, and a twin pairs sample. The main data collection included an oversample of five metropolitan areas.
NSHAP 2005 Complex, multistage area probability sample of community residing adults born 1920-1947; included an oversampling of African-Americans and Hispanics. The NSHAP sample is built on the foundation of the national household screening carried out by HRS in 2004.
HRS 1992 Representative sample of approx. 20,000 people in America.
NHATS 2011 Nationally representative sample of Medicare beneficiaries ages 65 and older.