Population Health Models with Secondary Data Resources

Project Description

About this Project

Population Health models have become an increasingly valuable approach for understanding how individual health outcomes are related to individual care, the overall healthcare system and the social, economic, and environmental context within which individual and population health outcomes evolve. This project hopes to incorporate the Population Health framework into the study of cognitive and other aging-related health changes in order to enhance our understanding of this phenomenon at both the individual and population level. While barriers do exist in terms of access to confidential and individual level health records, new approaches will allow researchers to incorporate contextual resources into health outcomes analysis of treatments for aging-related health issues.

What do we mean when we use the term "Population Health"?

Population Health is a “conceptual framework for thinking about why some populations are healthier than others” which lends itself to the study of lifecourse transitions that lead to cognitive change such as Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

How can you do your own research in this area?

Investigate cognitive, physical, and other health changes in later life within a Population Health (PH) framework; Work within the generalized PH framework by utilizing NACDA and other available databases within each information vector that can be used to measure change in health related subjects across time and be incorporated into Population Health models.

Data Resources